2016 Federal Election | UBET

The 45th federal election will take place on Saturday 3rd July 2016 and there has been a flood of support for the Coalition from UBET customers. The Malcolm Turnbull-led Liberal Party start as out and out favourites with Labor’s odds drastically drifting over the course of the last few weeks.

John Howard was the last Australian prime minister to hold onto the prime ministership throughout an entire term (2004-2007) with the last three governments voting to overthrow the elected leader. There have been promises galore and wild advertising campaign from both sides of the fence and for a lot of Aussies, they will be relieved that one of the most drawn out election periods in Australian history (73 days) will finally be over.

UBET has a wide range of markets open for the federal election, including winning party, handicap and marginal seats, as well as many more.


Saturday, July 2, 7:00am (AEST)

Just three days out from the federal election and it appears as though, according to UBET punters, the Coalition are morals to retain leadership of Australia. Malcolm Turnbull is now at extremely short odds of leading the Liberal Party to another term, while Labor’s odds have exploded with Bill Shorten’s team given next to no chance of overthrowing the government.

UBET closes betting on Saturday morning and the handicap has been extremely popular among punters with the main interest coming for the Coalition at -10.5 seats. However, there has been some interest in Labor to get within the 10 seat margin. There has also been a wave of support for the Coalition to clinch some key marginal seats.

  • UBET has received some huge bets so far with one plucky punter placing $18,000 on the Coalition to retain leadership at $1.37.
  • Another UBET customer placed $10,000 on the Coalition to win at $1.16.
  • More than 95 per cent of the cash has been for the Liberals to win the election.
  • The Coalition has won five of the last seven federal elections and are heavily favoured to make it six from the last eight.

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