The NBA Finals are once again with us for another season and it is a repeat of the 2014/15 deciding series. UBET has installed the defending champion Golden State Warriors as favourites to reproduce last season’s victory, while the all-star Cleveland Cavaliers, who boast LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and Aussie Matthew Dellavedova are expected to provide stiff competition.

There is also an Aussie flavour among the Warriors’ ranks in the form of Andrew Bogut, who is playing alongside basketball royalty in two-time MVP Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

In their last playoff series, the Warriors needed seven matches to stave off the persistent Oklahoma City Thunder. The likes of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were epic in the first four games as OKC went to a 3-1 series lead, but the class of Curry and co. shone through, finally wrapping up a second straight Finals appearance in the deciding match at Oracle Arena.

The Cavs will probably be fresher than the Warriors, with LeBron’s men losing just two matches in their previous three series. Cleveland disposed of a brave and respectful Toronto Raptors in Canada last weekend and would have been keen to face the Warriors in the Finals for a shot at redemption.

After that match, LeBron was interviewed and said there is a different feel to his team this season with both Love and Irving fit and firing to go after they both missed most of last year’s Finals through injury.


Friday, June 3, 11:00am (AEST) @ Oracle Arena, California

  • The leading point scorer for the Warriors in the playoffs this season is Steph Curry, who averages 26.7 points per game. Draymond Green leads the rebounds with 9.7 per game, while Curry also has the most assists with 6.1 per game.
  • The Warriors’ record at home this season is the best of any team in the competition at 48-3, including 11 of their last 12 at Oracle Arena.
  • In the playoffs so far, the Warriors are 1st in points per game, 1st in assists, 6th in rebounds and 12th in opponent’s points per game.
  • Golden State’s over/under in this year’s playoff is 7/10, while over the course of the entire season it is 52/46/1.
  • The Warriors have reached the overs more times than any other team in the NBA this season.
  • Klay Thompson’s 30/72 (41.7%) three-pointers the second most made by an individual in any series in NBA history against the Thunder.
  • The Warriors scored 90 of 226 (39.8%) three-pointers in their seven matches against the Thunder; the most in any Playoffs series in NBA History.
  • The leading point scorer for the Cavaliers in the playoffs this season is LeBron James, who averages 24.6 points per game. Kevin Love leads the rebounds with 9.6 per game while James also leads the assists with 7 per game.
  • The Cavaliers’ record away from home this season is the best of any Eastern Conference team at 29-19, including a six-point loss to the Warriors at Oracle Arena.
  • In the playoffs so far, the Cavs are 2nd in points per game, 2nd in assists, 9th in rebounds and 4th in opponent’s points per game.
  • The Cavaliers were the first team in four years (fifth in NBA history) to start a single postseason 10-0.
  • LeBron James will play in a record sixth straight Finals series (four with the Heat and two with the Cavs).
  • Cleveland’s over/under in this year’s playoff is 7/7/1, while over the course of the entire season it is 48/47/1.
  • Cleveland (34.2) and Golden State (32.2) are first and second in the 2016 NBA Playoffs in catch + shoot PPG.

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Golden State (104) def. Cleveland (89)